R.L. Best Extrusion Press Retrofits – Providing Our Customers with the Competitive Edge

Durability. Reliability. High Productivity.

The hallmarks of an R.L. Best extrusion press retrofit – we build in dozens of special features that allow for:
• Rapid die changing and billet loading
• Ram speed optimization
• Automatic cycling
• Improved record keeping
• Minimal downtime
• Highest quality extrusions

Manufactured to Your Specifications

Bring us your most demanding requirements. R.L. Best engineers will design your press utilizing the latest design technology. Each precision component is then fabricated and machined in our fabricating shop. The press is then assembled, tested, delivered and installed on your premises with the use of our own mobile crane system. Our technicians have the ability and qualifications to make lifts of 200 tons with ease or provide precise alignment of components utilizing a laser transit and levels.

Anatomy of an R.L. Best Extrusion Press

A. Hydraulic system: High capacity, main pumps are submerge-mounted in the hydraulic reservoir; cartridge-insert and manifold-mounted hydraulic valves reduce potential sources for leaks; and all hydraulic lines have large radius bends or formed fittings.

C. Adjustable stem: Compensates for clearances in main ram bushing; three-point adjustment allows stem to be set precisely on centerline.

D. Vee-guided shear with butt knock-off: Automatic knock-off device prevents butt end of billet from hanging up on die; fully guided on dual, adjustable vee-ways; heavy construction and chisel type knife ensure minimum deflection, clean shearing; eliminates “flares” that damage containers and cause production delays; and wear adjustment takes only minutes.

E. Flat ways: Alignment is much easier; maintenance downtime is reduced.

F. Container – Three-point alignment: Rugged, one-piece housing has top guiding, rides on flat ways; adjustment is simplified; precise alignment permits use of fixed dummy blocks; held by quick release locking rings; heating is more uniform; has stainless steel heat shields; and two thermocouples provide heat control and thermal protection.

G. Die-changing system: Die station is adjacent to operator’s control panel and die changes can be made in less than one minute.


The Alternative to New

R.L. Best has decades of experience in repairing and reconditioning presses. Our skilled technicians will dismantle your press and inspect all components for serviceability. All parts, including the main cylinder, are checked for cracks and imperfections and all necessary machining and welding is performed. We can handle routine jobs such as rebuilding worn or damaged cylinders to major projects such as replacing platens or tie rods.

Any Make. Any Model.

We can provide replacement parts for any make of extrusion press and, in some instances, our engineering department can improve on the original design to make your press run more efficiently. At R.L. Best, we stand behind every press we recondition, ensuring longer equipment life.


Speed & Accuracy: Increased Profitability

R.L. Best will configure an entire material handling system that will improve your profit picture by increasing yield and overall output. Our technicians and engineers design each component separately, to operate together for speed and accuracy.

Features include:
  • 6″ high-density, felt-covered rollers synchronized with speed of puller
  • Automated puller that operates at constant tension
  • Positionable saw in a mini-slat table that severs the extrusion
  • Transfer belts remove the cut lengths to cooling bed
  • Belt conveyors carry extrusion from the cooling bed and provide temporary storage
  • Saw feed table has covered, line-shaft-driven rollers

The Right System for the Right Job

Each system utilizes proprietary R.L. Best transfer technology, quickly moving metal through the process and ensuring surface protection. Our Total Extrusion Control allows the press to go to the exact extrusion speed and maintain that speed throughout the extrusion. Touch screens in automatic or manual mode also simplify the control process.

Types of handling equipment we build include:
  • Overhead pullers
  • Side-mount pullers
  • Driven roller tables
  • Roller runout tables
  • Traverse beam cooling tables
  • Belt type cooling tables
  • Belt or beam type saw storage tables
  • Driven roller saw feed conveyors
  • Saw gauge tables with belt takeaway systems

Meeting OEM Specs Through Unmatched Craftsmanship & Technology

Worn parts can easily translate into downtime and decreased profitability. R.L. Best has a complete line of replacement parts for your extrusion system with all new and re-engineered parts meeting OEM specifications.

  • Die changers
  • Cylinders
  • Butt shears
  • Containers
  • Stems
  • Dummy blocks
  • Platens

Experience & Expertise … The R.L. Best Difference

Our engineers and craftsmen have the experience and expertise to accurately duplicate any part from your drawings. When necessary, to ensure your press is performing optimally, we will suggest alterations in a design that doesn’t reflect the latest technology in engineering or materials.


The R.L. Best Poppet Style Prefill Valves …

Higher Flow Rates & Smoother Operation

R.L. Best prefill valves shorten the cycle time of a hydraulic press, providing quick filling of the hydraulic cylinders during rapid closing. Cylinder pressure is released quickly allowing the slide to immediately begin the return stroke.

  • Sizes: 10”, 12” & 14”
  • Directly interchanges with old-style spool type prefill valves
  • Higher flow rates than other spool type
  • Faster response than the old-style spool type prefill valves
  • Smoother operation
  • Less internal travel from full open to full close
  • Provides the faster response as well as lower fluid volumes for actuation
  • Standard NFPA-style cylinder for actuation that is standard on all three sizes
  • Visual indication of prefill shifting standard
  • Electrical indication of prefill open/close optional

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Phone: 330-758-8601
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Email: Sales@RLBest.com

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723 Bev Road
Boardman, Ohio 44512
Phone: 330-758-8601
Fax: 330-758-9413
Email: Sales@RLBest.com

© RL Best Company | Site designed by Keynote Media Group