History of The R.L. Best Company

 R.L. Best --- A name recognized throughout the extrusion industry for reliable extrusion equipment. Started in 1967 by Mr. Richard Best, the company has built a solid reputation in the field of press repairs. As the company progressed the business expanded into press tooling such as new container-liner assemblies, container relines, and extrusion stems. Through the purchases of larger machine tools, R.L. Best then went on to become a major supplier of press components, ranging in size from nuts and bolts to main cylinders and platens. As the replacement parts business increased, a need was recognized for retrofits of new style components to older extrusion presses. To fulfill this need, an engineering staff was assembled. This highly experienced staff includes people with press and handling system experience, both in the manufacturing of and the use of the equipment. Well over 100 years of combined experience is available through this staff.

 Evolution of the R.L. Best Product Line

 A complete line of extrusion handling systems was added to complement the press components. From quench units at the press platen to the automatic take away belts at the finish saw. This equipment consists of pullers, variable position hot cut off saws, roller or slat type runout conveyors, level lift off stretcher feed belts, one or two person stretchers to 250 tons, saw storage systems, saw feed conveyors, and saw gauges. Portions of our handling system can be customized to fit into almost any existing equipment. These systems can be installed with varying degrees of automation.

 The next large step for R.L. Best was the acquisition in 1988 of the extrusion press division of the Farrel Corporation. Included in this purchase were a large inventory of spare parts, complete engineering files, technology, and all detail drawings and bills of material of all of the extrusion presses manufactured by the Farrel Corporation and The Watson Stillman Company.

 Currently R.L. Best is capable to design and manufacture a complete extrusion press and handling system, along with pressline upgrades covering the hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical disciplines.

 From simple problem solving over the phone to the manufacture and installation of complete extrusion lines, R.L. Best is truly the FULL SERVICE SOURCE TO THE EXTRUSION INDUSTRY. With offices and manufacturing facilities in Boardman, Ohio and Sanford, Florida, R.L. Best people are well equipped to serve any manufacturing and production requirements.

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