Handling Systems

R.L. Best will configure an entire material handling system that will improve your profit picture by increasing yield and overall output. Our technicians and engineers design each component separately, to operate together for speed and accuracy.

The handling systems we design also have the following product protection:

  • 6" high-density, felt covered rollers synchronized with speed of puller
  • Automated puller that operates at constant tension
  • Positionable saw in a mini-slat table that severs the extrusion
  • Lift-off arms to remove the cut lengths to cooling bed
  • Square-action beams lift and index across stationary beams
  • Belt conveyors carry extrusion from the cooling bed and provide temporary storage
  • Saw feed table has covered, line-shaft-driven rollers

The control systems that we supply coordinate the operation of the press and handling system. Our Total Extrusion Control allows the press to go to the exact extrusion speed and maintain that speed throughout the extrusion. Touch screens in automatic or manual mode also simplify the control process.

From engineering to installation, the customer is our uppermost concern. R.L.Best's Extrusion Handling Systems will expedite your product in the most effective way possible.

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