Field Service

R.L. Best provides all the services you need. . . installation, relocating, repair, rebuilding, modernization, and replacement parts.

How many companies can design and build your extrusion press and handling system, load the equipment on company-owned trucks, deliver it to your site, install it, and service it under contract or on an as-needed basis? One: R.L. Best Company.

Our extensive field experience helps us design better equipment for you- and it helps us serve you better when the time comes to repair or upgrade your facility.

The R.L. Best Company has the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to install, relocate, and realign extrusion presses and ancillary equipment. R.L. Best field engineers have been doing this kind of work for years; they know how to install and precisely align your equipment. We have mobile cranes up to 50 tons capacity and a pertable gantry crane system that can make lifts up to 200 tons, so we can handle virtually any project.


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