R.L. Best provides its customers with the "Best" engineering department available.
The expertise of our engineering staff is then magnified by combining their knowledge
with the technicians from your facility to provide you with the most effective way to
achieve the desired results in the final product.

Our engineering department uses the latest computer aided design/computer aided
manufacturing (CAD/CAM), along with CNC machine tools, ensuring utmost precision
on each and every job we undertake.

Extrusion Handling Systems

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
From the initial concept phase, through to the final optimized design of a machine component, the R.L. Best company can utilize in-house advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA), combined with Fatigue Life Analysis for an improved long lasting design.

Extrusion Platens, Main Cylinders, Container Housings, Crosshead Ram Supports as well
as other components and equipment subjected to heavy loadings, stresses and deflections
can be analyzed and optimized for superior function and performance over a
prolonged service life.

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